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The settings.yml file references a network settings file with the network_profile option. This file has configurations that are related to the network. The source code for the starter template file is at network/ Here’s an example network settings file.

vpc: vpc-11111111
ecs_subnets: # at least 2 subnets required
  - subnet-11111111
  - subnet-22222222
elb_subnets: # defaults to same subnets as ecs_subnets when not set
  - subnet-33333333
  - subnet-44444444

# Optional existing security group ids to add in addition to the ones created by ufo.
# elb_security_groups:
#   - sg-aaa
# ecs_security_groups:
#   - sg-bbb

# Also supports extra security groups specific to each ECS service.
# So you can target security groups on a per-role basis.
# ecs_security_groups:
#   demo-web:
#   - sg-bbb
#   - sg-ccc
#   demo-worker:
#   - sg-bbb
#   - sg-ccc
Option Description
vpc Used to create ecs and elb security groups, target group in the CloudFormation template.
ecs_subnets Used to assign a subnet mapping to the ECS service created in CloudFormation when the network mode is awsvpc. Also used to in .ufo/params.yml as part of the run_task api call that is made by ufo task.
elb_subnets Used to create elb load balancer. Defaults to same subnets as ecs_subnets when not set.
ecs_security_groups Additional security groups to associate with the ECS tasks.
elb_security_groups Additional security groups to associate with the ELB.

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