Ufo Current


There’s a handy way to shorten ufo commands by setting the current service. Example:

ufo ship demo-web # normal usage
ufo current --service demo-web
ufo ship # no longer have to type: demo-web

To view the current settings run ufo current with no options.

$ ufo current
Current env_extra: 1
Current service: demo-web

Setting the current service helps shorten other commands also:

ufo cancel
ufo deploy
ufo destroy
ufo ps
ufo releases
ufo resources
ufo rollback VERSION
ufo scale COUNT
ufo ship


The UFO_ENV_EXTRA env variable allows you create multiple environments with of the same services quickly. More info about is is detailed at ufo-env-extra. You can also set a current UFO_ENV_EXTRA with the --env-extra option.

ufo current --env-extra 1


The ufo ships commands builds one Docker image and deploys them to multiple ECS services, so it usually takes a list of services like so:

ufo ships demo-web demo-worker demo-clock

This can be shorten with with current also.

ufo current --services demo-web demo-worker demo-clock
ufo ships

Pro tip: Use the <- and -> arrow keys to move back and forward.

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