ufo current


ufo current SERVICE


Switch the current service. Saves to .ufo/current

Sets a current service to remember so you do not have to provide the service name all the time. This shortens the commands

ufo ship demo-web # before
ufo current --service demo-web
ufo ship # after

The state information is written to .ufo/current.



ufo current --service demo-web --env-extra 1
ufo current --service demo-web --env-extra 1 --services demo-web demo-worker
ufo current --service demo-web --env-extra ''
ufo current --service demo-web
ufo current --env-extra '1'


To set current service:

ufo current --service demo-web
ufo current --service demo-worker
ufo current --service demo-web

To view current service, run ufo current without any arguments.

$ ufo current
Current service: demo-web

To remove current service:

ufo current --service ''


To also set a current UFO_ENV_EXTRA.

ufo current --env-extra 1

The extra env setting will be reflected:

$ ufo current
Current service: demo-web
Current env_extra: 1

The UFO_ENV_EXTRA variable takes higher precedence than the current setting in the saved file.

To unset:

ufo current --env-extra ''


The ufo ships command builds one docker image and deploys it to multiple ECS services. You can also have ufo remember what services to use with the current command.

ufo current --services demo-web demo-worker
ufo ships # will depoy to both demo-web and demo-worker

rm all

To remove all current settings use the --rm option.

ufo current --rm


[--rm], [--no-rm]            # Remove all current settings. Removes `.ufo/current`
[--service=SERVICE]          # Sets service as a current setting.
[--services=one two three]   # Sets services as a current setting. This is used for ufo ships.
[--env-extra=ENV_EXTRA]      # Sets UFO_ENV_EXTRA as a current setting.
[--verbose], [--no-verbose]  
[--mute], [--no-mute]        
[--noop], [--no-noop]        
[--cluster=CLUSTER]          # Cluster.  Overrides .ufo/settings.yml.

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