ufo scale




Scale the ECS service.

Ufo provides a command to scale up and down an ECS service quickly. It is a simple wrapper for aws ecs update-service --service xxx ----desired-count xxx. Here’s an example of how you use it:

$ ufo scale 3
Scale demo-web service in development cluster to 3

It is useful to use ufo ps to check the status.

$ ufo ps
=> Service: demo-web
   Service name: development-demo-web-Ecs-7GAUAXH5F56M
   Status: ACTIVE
   Running count: 2
   Desired count: 3
   Launch type: FARGATE
   Task definition: demo-web:85
   Elb: develop-Elb-1M74CLRS2G0Z4-686742146.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com
|    Id    | Name |   Release   |    Started     |    Status    | Notes |
| 8f95ef9d | web  | demo-web:85 | PENDING        | PROVISIONING |       |
| f590ee5e | web  | demo-web:85 | 50 minutes ago | RUNNING      |       |
| fb60ba9f | web  | demo-web:85 | 48 minutes ago | RUNNING      |       |

While scaling via this method is quick and convenient the ECS Service AutoScaling that is built into ECS is a much more powerful way to manage scaling your ECS service.


[--verbose], [--no-verbose]  
[--mute], [--no-mute]        
[--noop], [--no-noop]        
[--cluster=CLUSTER]          # Cluster.  Overrides .ufo/settings.yml.

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